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Our Menus


Well Balanced Meals

We understand that well-balanced meals are important for everyone and University of Detroit High School & Academy is committed to offering a variety of healthful options. All of our meals feature lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The greatest selection of offerings will always be available in the dining hall where guests with special dietary needs can be best accommodated.

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Our Food Stations



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My MealTime

My MealTime is a user-friendly school food service software system, providing fast, friendly customer service that helps your student get through the line quickly. My MealTime allows you to add funds, receive notifications, and view balances and purchases. We encourage you to sign up for auto-replenish which ensures that your student’s account will not reach $0.

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Culinary Suite

CulinarySuite is a food management software solution that Quest uses to build and display menus at University of Detroit High School & Academy. The software provides nutritional analysis and allergen tracking for all items we prepare, ensuring the health and safety of the school community.